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Focus on what will give results

Lovely run this afternoon, I’m extremely lucky to have such beautiful scenery on my doorstep!!

What a difference some sunshine can do for your mood and wellbeing. There is nothing better than taking that workout outside when the weather is so inviting!

I’ve been really lucky that I’ve been able to get out a lot, but often or not it’s not that easy, there are lots of barriers to exercise when we have such busy life’s with work, kids and activities.

It’s key that we have the support, whether it’s a friend, a partner, family or a personal trainer, but we also need to be relentless with our effort to find the time and try to make it work.

A few ways to help might be:

  • Become a morning person – do it before work/school run/partner leaves the house
  • Do something short and effective. Small weights session or HITT session when you have a spare 30 mins
  • Join a local class, whatever you enjoy is key!
  • Make use of your surroundings: go for a buggy run, workout at the local park whilst the kids play…
  • There are lots of ways to keep active, we just need to find a solution to beat the barriers in our own lives – I’m here to help people overcome theirs!

Read through the services I can offer and contact me today should you wish to discuss a fitness plan.

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