Fitness for families – a way of life!

I had some time between clients and my post holiday nail appointment this morning to get out with my eldest on a bike ride. 

Like me she loves to keep active, but being one of three girls means we don’t always get that 1:1 time she craves during the summer holidays.

We managed to get out for a 9 mile cycle along our local canal/bike path, with her bestie in tow. It’s great to have that bit of fun keeping fit when they don’t see it as exercise….like their swimming, ballet and football classes.

So many benefits doing these little things with the kids. It not only improves their fitness, but it can also:

1. Have a positive impact on your mental health and your little ones

2. Distract siblings when a lot of time together during the holidays can become a little much for them

3. It’s exciting for them to explore their local area and see new things that perhaps they wouldn’t see traveling around by car

4. It also gives them the opportunity to learn about staying safe on the paths and roads when they are out and about with their friends

When you perhaps don’t fancy the gym, but want to get out of the house, take the kids out for a short run or cycle with you….you’ll definitely be burning calories with them at your heels!

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