Bump & Baby begins…….

Pre and Postnatal Clients, I’m coming for you…….

Finally finished assessment day! It’s been ONE full year since I dreamed a dream job and I’m now here about to launch W&W Bump & Baby! 🤰🏻👶🏻💪🏻💗💛💙

This qualification was always the key driving force for my change of career into fitness.

I’ve always been active, but it was after my first two children that fitness came as ‘The Great Escape’. Once the baby moon period is over you can often feel like you have lost that sense of self, self esteem and can sometimes be left with a negative view on your body image.

We can become run down, isolated and our general well-being really does suffer.

For me personally it’s the impact that the physical fitness has on the mental fitness and social fitness. As we lead such busy lives we forget to slow down, take time for ourselves and have an outlet.

I want to help change all that. I want to help guide and support pre and post natal women who want to recover and restore safely and gently so that they can feel good both physically and mentally.

If you think I can help please take a browse of the services I can offer and contact me today to discuss further

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