“Absolutely LOVE my PT sessions with Gillian, she makes you feel so at ease whilst still motivating you to push yourself out of your comfort zone! Definitely recommend” 💗(Amy)

“Just finished a 6 week block with Gillian and loving the sessions, so immediately signed up for another block. Her gentle encouragement coupled with being a mum of 3 herself means she creates a work-out plan that really works for me” 💪🏋️‍♀️ (Laura)

“Gillian has been instrumental in my fitness journey. I initially completed the first couch to 5k group she ran and just finished a block of PT sessions (and rebooked another). She really listens to what you are looking to achieve, sets realistic expectations and designs a program to challenge and motivate you. Thoroughly recommend!” (Laura)

“Signed up to do a 6 week block with Gillian, really enjoying the programme, she really works you hard with a gentle approach. I feel she understands being a mum and the impact this can have on exercise, but is encouraging and supportive. Would and have recommended to friends” (Sara)

“Just finished my first block of weekly PT with Gillian. Therefore, survived the first 6 weeks. I feel so much healthier already. Plus, she does not only put you through you paces in such a lovely way, but gives nutritional advice and encourages you to have goals e.g. 5 K before Christmas. Gillian is a joy to work with, but she is no soft touch or shouty, just politely encourages you……but you still have to do that third round of mountain climbers and plank no matter what! Thank you Gillian and looking forward to the second block” (Gail)

“I would 100% recommend Gillian!!! My self and daughter did 6 weeks with Gillian. She was amazing at making sure we both had what we needed and what we could do as my daughter wanted more intense workout I wanted a general keep fit. Gillian was very good and even changed workouts to make sure we were both getting what we wanted!! She always had great advice on diet and exercise and was very encouraging!! It was also a great bonding experience with my daughter, we both really enjoyed it and laughed a lot. Thanks Gillian we are looking forward to seeing you again!!” (Bella and Annabella)

“I am absolutely amazed with the results from just a few sessions with Gillian. I signed up for a block of PT with her, my aim being to feel stronger. My core strength had completely gone after having babies and I was lacking in confidence to exercise due to pelvic floor issues. I was quite pathetic during my first session but with her guidance, even by the second session I saw a huge difference. I got the exercising bug straight away and went from almost no exercise over the past 5 years to working out 5x per week! Even when I really can’t be bothered, I meet Gillian and soon I’m blasting through the sets! She really listens to my concerns and adapts my programme accordingly. I’m at the end of block 2 now and looking forward to block 3. She is so motivating without being scary. I feel so much fitter, have much more energy and have noticed a real improvement in my pelvic floor – did a whole lot of jumping jacks at Zumba today and all was well! Having three young girls, doing all she does and fitting in her own fitness regime is so inspiring. She really is a real life superwoman! I highly recommend signing up with her. Once you start with “Mrs Motivator” you just can’t stop! 💪💪💪 Thanks Gillian! 😘” (Caroline)

“This woman has done so much for my confidence and wellbeing over the last six weeks. A knowledgeable trainer, Gill has tailored a plan that really works for me, and with an encouraging, kind (and firm when needed 😊) manner, I could not recommend her pt enough! Thank you 😘” (Keira)

I have just finished my first block of PT with Gillian & starting my second, so far I have absolutely loved it & could not recommend enough! In the last two months my over all fitness & strength has improved so much as well as my confidence. It has been years since I have done any fitness training but with Gillian’s guidance, I feel like I am really regaining my stride with it all again! I have also lost half a stone since starting as well, which without the PT sessions I wouldn’t have been able to achieve! Thank you! 😍 (Lynne)

I, along with 3 friends have just started a second 6 week block with Gillian. I absolutely love the weekly sessions. It’s a hard workout but Gillian always makes it fun and challenging. Gillian also creates a very supportive and comfortable environment. I also attend some of the morning HIIT sessions, again a great workout and great start to the day. I would 100% recommend Workoutandwellness 😀 (Laura)

I didn’t think personal training was for me, but mid way into my 2nd block of 6 with Gillian I’m a complete convert! Sessions are challenging and fun and get results. If you’re swithering like I was, I 100% recommend signing up with Gillian, I’m so glad I did (Jennifer)

It was around 3 months ago that I had my first session under the guidance of Gillian, and boy was it an awakening as to my fitness levels. Thankfully since that initial session, the programme Gillian has designed and guided me through has been a story of both achievable and visible improvement. Most importantly for myself, each week is never repetitive, with weight increases or exercise changes a regular occurrence. A perfect mix of understanding and firm, I’d thoroughly recommend anyone who needs that kick start for getting themselves in shape to get in contact with Gillian. Importantly to myself she has also been incredibly flexible in her availability to support me regardless of an ever changing work/life balance! Just beware of the bear crawl! (Adam)

I have attended Gillians PT classes and have just started with her on the monthly class. Gillian is fantastic as a trainer, she is encouraging and motivating and has the ability to realise your capability and gently push you beyond it. For the first time I am starting to see results! I would highly recommend Gillian and would thank her for the motivation at this difficult time. (Ashlene)

Gill is great at understanding what you want to achieve and providing you with a plan to get there. She is very supportive and very encouraging, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. I am really grateful to Gill for helping me kick off my fitness journey again and I look forward to continue to work with her on my goals. (Suzanne)

I signed up for the 12 weeks of Christmas classes with Gillian. I often lack motivation when it comes to exercise. I found the weekly classes just what I needed. Even if you haven’t exercised in a long time Gillian gently builds up your fitness and confidence. She has a lovely encouraging manner whilst gradually increasing the intensity you can exercise at. I feel a real benefit to my health and wellbeing. So much so I have signed up for more classes in the New Year. (Stephanie)

Completed the 12 weeks of Christmas class and can’t believe the results! I feel so much fitter and toned. The classes were well explained and could be adapted to each individuals ability but also great fun.
Would thoroughly recommend this class and have signed up to new year, new you too 😊 (Kerry)

Completed the 12 Weeks of Christmas class and almost completed the New Year New You class and already booked the Spring into Summer class. I was very anxious before I started but Gillian’s approach made me feel more comfortable and gave me confidence to keep going. I’d highly recommend these classes and I’m so grateful I’ve got a level of fitness back. (Wendy)

Just finished 12 week to Christmas workout with Gill. I was super nervous and apprehensive about doing this as have put on a lot of weight on over last year and was very unfit, but I can honestly say I loved it. Gill is so approachable and tailors class to you. Challenges you to push yourself each week in a nice way. Now I have gained some self confidence, a boost to keep going and made some new friends along the way.
Can’t recommend this highly enough…give it a go you won’t be disappointed. (Jenni)

Just completed the 12 weeks to Christmas block.. and I can highly recommend Gillian and these sessions. I felt like Gillian was genuinely rooting for me and is always supportive and ready to celebrate with you or keep you motivated when life gets in the way! Gillian is realistic about what is achievable with a young family at home and has completely changed how I view myself, and helped me challenge my ‘failure’ mindset! Highly recommend workout and wellness once you have decided that now is the time to change your lifestyle! (Laura)

Have just completed the 12 weeks to Christmas and Gill has been fantastic. Really encouraging and the classes were gradually built up with lots of modifications depending on ability. I feel great and hopefully will continue with classes if I can. I was 4 months post partum when I started and felt so much better by the end! (Roisin)